2024 – 11/21 – Key 2024 inflation-adjusted tax amounts for individuals

The IRS recently announced various 2024 inflation-adjusted federal tax amounts that affect individual taxpayers. Here are the inflation-adjusted standard deduction numbers for 2024 for those who don’t itemize: $14,600 for single filers (up from $13,850 in 2023); $29,200 for married joint filers (up from $27,700); and $21,900 for heads of household (up from $20,800). Older taxpayers and those who are blind are entitled to additional standard deduction allowances. In 2024 for those age 65 or older or blind, the amounts will be: $1,550 for a married taxpayer (up from $1,500 in 2023) and $1,950 for a single filer or head of household (up from $1,850 for 2023).


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